our team

We have an experienced, friendly team with a range of expertise. Our team uphold our firm's values and strive to achieve the best outcome for clients. To read more, click on the profiles below.

a (2)-min

James Morrison

Managing Partner

f (8)-min

Caroline Nisbet


w (4)-min

Martha Clark


Catherine (12)

Catherine Morrow


n (12)-min

Louisa Doole

Associate Solicitor

Karen (8)

Karen Wotherspoon


yy (4)-min

Alan Hewitt

Independent Financial Adviser

Debbie (10)

Deborah Hart

Practice Manager

p (8)-min

Abbie Kirkwood

Financial Services Assistant

xx (10)-min

Alison Currie

Conveyancing Support

Amy (6)

Amy Beaton

Marketing & Business Development

s (4)-min

Angela Craig


d (14)-min

Gillian McCulloch

Accredited Paralegal & Cashier

v (4)-min

Gwen Lyburn

Conveyancing Support

k (10)-min

Joyce White

Estate Agency Manager

u (4)-min

Julie Fleming

Law Accountant

l (12)-min

Kelly Forsyth

Estate Agent

Kirsty (4)

Kirsty Holland


ww (10)-min

Leigh McPherson

Accredited Paralegal

r (12)-min

Linda Kerr

Executry Assistant & Cashier

t (6)-min

Liza Lynch

Accredited Paralegal

c (2)-min

Lynda MacNicol

Accredited Paralegal

g (10)-min

May Keen

Executry Assistant

m (14)-min

Melissa Allan

Conveyancing Assistant

z (10)-min

Morag McMillan

Conveyancing Assistant

o (14)-min

Natalie O’Donoghue 

Accredited Paralegal

q (10)-min

Nicola McKee

Executry Assistant

e (12)-min

Olivia Martin

Trainee Solicitor

h (2)-min

Pam Caldwell

Accredited Paralegal

i (6)-min

Robert Clark

IT Support

b (7)-min

Samantha McKinnon


Skye (8)

Skye Welsh

Legal & Financial Assistant

x (10)-min

Terry McBride

Estate and Viewing Agent

vv (10)-min

Theresa Duffy

Cashier & Paralegal