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family law
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We’re experienced in advising on family law matters. Here, we answer a few common questions that clients ask us.

The most common and straightforward grounds for divorce are on the basis that you have been separated from your spouse for over 1 year, with your spouse’s consent or based on 2 years’ separation, without your spouse’s consent. There are other less commonly used grounds for divorce, namely unreasonable behaviour and adultery.

You can make an application for a divorce using the simplified procedure. This is based on one year’s separation with your spouse’s consent, or two years’ separation without your spouse’s consent. To proceed with a simplified divorce there must be no children of the marriage under the age of 16 years old and there must be no outstanding financial matters that need to be resolved. Often there are financial matters to be addressed, so before starting the simplified divorce procedure you should take independent legal advice, so that you can be sure that it is the right option for you.

Contact arrangements can be agreed in a number of ways, if parties are unable to reach agreement directly.  Arrangements can be negotiated via each of the parties’ solicitors. Alternatively, the parties may choose to attend mediation together or as a last resort one party may choose to raise an action for contact through the court.

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I would highly recommend. Thank you so much to Louisa and Natalie who have always been extremely professional and helpful.

As a father that was going through divorce and fighting to see my child, I felt like I was stuck in a battle with no end in sight to which I had almost lost all hope. I was then introduced to McSherry Halliday who’s staff I found to always be so welcoming. They placed me in the extremely good care of Miss Louisa Doole whom along with this company I can not recommend enough. I can honestly say I was truly blessed to have her as my lawyer as she is not only very professional with an impeccable knowledge in her field but also her advice and guidance made me feel so at ease. She was kind, understanding and always willing to help me with any enquiry I may have had. Miss Doole always took the extra time to make sure I understood everything going on, always acted promptly in giving a response and worked hard to gain the best outcome for her client. I cannot thank Miss Louisa Doole enough and am honoured and grateful to have had her on my side. Without hesitation I would highly recommend that anyone seeking legal representation from a company who listens and cares for their clients should contact McSherry Halliday.

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