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The aim of a pension plan is to provide financial security in retirement. It is considered good public policy to encourage individuals to save into a private pension rather than rely on the State arrangements. A pension fund that is built up over your working life will receive special tax relief.

In order that we can assess your pension requirements, McSherry Halliday will conduct an audit of any existing arrangements you may have in place. We also assess the level of pension that these arrangements might expect to provide you with at retirement and highlight whether there is any gap between the income you want and the sum that you are likely to receive. McSherry Halliday are able to assist you in closing that gap.

The funds where your pension is invested will carry a degree of risk. We establish the level of risk that you are prepared to accept, taking into account your expected retirement age.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we deal with all of the major pension providers. We are therefore in a position to secure the most suitable and competitively priced options for your individual circumstances.

There are a significant number of options available and prudent financial planning in this area is essential to ensure that you are in a position to retire with sufficient income to fund your lifestyle in retirement.

what our
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As Independent Financial Advisers, we offer a fee based service. This fee is dependent on the work carried out on your behalf and the complexity of the pension arrangements you wish to make. The first, no obligation meeting is at our expense and thereafter we will advise on the specific cost of the services we would offer to address your pension requirements.

personal pension

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