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Careful estate planning is of key importance to ensure your Estate is distributed according to your wishes after your death. Trusts can be an excellent tool to help ensure that this happens.

A Trust is a type of fund into which you transfer assets, ring fence them and enable them to be controlled by you or a nominated third party for the benefit of a specified person or people.

A Trust is a highly tax efficient method of passing on assets and is used to separate the ownership and management of assets from those who will be the beneficiaries.

You may wish assets to be handled tax efficiently or provide for the future of a child or grandchild or disabled person.


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There are several different types of Trusts available which are all used for different purposes. Each has their own specific tax structure.

McSherry Halliday can provide you with advice on the suitability of Trust arrangements and provide you with detailed analysis of the taxation position. As Solicitors and Financial Advisers we are ideally placed to provide you with both the legal and financial advice required in order that you are in an informed position should a Trust be the most suitable arrangement to meet your requirements.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we offer a fee-based service. This fee is dependent on the work carried out on your behalf. The first, no obligation meeting is at our expense and thereafter will advise on the specific costs of the services we would offer.

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