civil partnerships

Civil Partnerships have been possible since 2005 in terms of the Civil Partnership Act 2004. Since December 2014 marriage of same sex couples is now also possible. We are able to advise about the legislation and its effect. If things go wrong we can provide sensitive and comprehensive advice on separation.

a civil partnership

A Civil Partnership can be brought to an end by dissolution, which is a Court process and we are able to guide you through the process ensuring that your interests are safeguarded. Dissolution is granted where it can be shown that the partnership has broken down irretrievably and there are a number of ways to show this. It can also be granted when either party has an interim Gender Recognition Certificate. There are likely to be matters to resolve regarding your finances, property and arrangements for any children of your relationship. These matters should be considered in advance of a dissolution.

We can assist you with that and work towards and amicable agreement wherever possible, known as a Separation Agreement. When agreement is not possible, we can advise you about seeking an appropriate enforceable order from the Court. Please contact us for advice about Civil Partnerships, separation, dissolution and any further advice you require regarding your rights and legal responsibilities in connection with this. If you are in a same sex relationship and have married under the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014, similarly we can advise on marriage, Separation Agreements, Divorce and all of the issues surrounding this.

civil partnership


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