prenuptial advice

prenuptial advice
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Often the purpose of a prenuptial advice is to ensure parties are aware of their respective positions, should the relationship break down at some point in the future. You should identify what you wish to achieve from prenuptial advice. We can advise you how your finances and property would be treated in due course, and what you could perhaps consider doing to alter that, perhaps by agreeing that certain things are to be considered as “separate property” and not part of the matrimonial property to be shared fairly between the parties.

In this way, certain assets can be ring-fenced and preserved for one party. Similarly, provision can be made in the agreement for how joint assets are to be treated, and what specific financial provision is to otherwise be made for the parties on separation or divorce. Should you be contemplating marriage or Civil Partnership and wish to discuss these matters, please contact us for confidential advice.

prenuptial advice


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