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wealth management
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McSherry Halliday offer a wealth management solution, helping you to keep control of your money. Are you sure that you are investing as efficiently as you could be? Do you know what your goals are, and how you investments link to them? Have you got the time to do the research and the paperwork for a complex portfolio?

If you have answered “no” to any of those questions, the McSherry Halliday Wealth Management Service could be the answer.

We utilise an online tool called Wrap and we bring all of your investments together in one place. Wrap lets you check on your pensions, shares, bonds, cash, investment trusts, unit trusts and savings accounts 24 hours a day.

It lets us deal online. Switching your money between investments. Transferring funds. Mixing and matching your pension funds from investment managers across the market. Wrap also lets you bring together all your tax efficient products including ISAs and SIPPs. This will mean that even completing your Tax Return on an annual basis is easier.

You may not be sure what you want your money to provide you with in the future. Wrap is flexible, so whatever your needs Wrap can help offer the choices to meet them from day one. At the moment, your financial world may look like lots of different companies, various investments, old employer pensions, current pensions, ISAs, bonds, shares and savings accounts. You are in the middle, not quite sure how to manage them all.

While investing is interesting, paperwork usually isn’t. Especially when it comes to using up time and money you could spend planning for your future.

Wrap can transform the way you manage your money. Having all of your investments together in one place might sound simple and it is. That is the beauty of it.

Wrap works securely through the web to let you see your financial assets in one place. It means that when you meet with us, you can see the complete picture of your Portfolio before making any decisions. It is a logical way to keep track of your investments. It is convenient and also saves time too.

We can offer access to the Wrap platform in order that you can track and monitor your investments in real time and also an annual review service whereby we will go through the performance over the last 12 months in detail.

For a demonstration of how Wrap could help you, please contact us. As Independent Financial Advisers, we offer a fee-based service. This fee is dependent on the work carried out on your behalf. The first, no obligation meeting is at our expense and thereafter will advise on the specific costs of the services we would offer to address your requirements.

wealth management

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