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retirement planning
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In the recent budget, the Government has made significant changes to the options available to individuals nearing or in retirement. Never has advice been so important to ensure that you are fully informed on the options available to you. Traditionally annuities which provided an income for life were the preferred course of action, however the alternative options available should now be explored prior to making any decision on your future retirement planning.

If the purchase of an annuity is the most suitable course of action, you could potentially receive 30% more pension income by shopping around. McSherry Halliday can examine the market, explain your options in plain terms and secure the best deal for you.

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You will only get one chance to get the best deal on your annuity or other retirement options so it is vital to be in an informed position and also to shop around and get quotes from the most competitive annuity companies available.

At our first meeting, we would explain the potential options available to you and establish your requirements and provide you with guidance on the most suitable options.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we offer a fee-based service. This fee is dependent on the work carried out on your behalf. The first, no obligation meeting is at our expense and thereafter we will advise on the specific costs of the services we would offer to address your retirement planning requirements.

retirement planning

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