Five home staging tips

With the property market booming and looking to stay buoyant, here are our top tips to ensure you secure a smooth and seamless sale.

  • Tip #1 Ensure all rooms are clutter-free. Clutter reduces space, and more often than not, space can be a contributing factor when purchasing a property. Pack away anything that you don’t use daily, and that can be stored away. This includes things such as games, toys, seasonal clothes and paperwork. The fewer things there are to distract buyers, the more they can see the property’s potential.
  • Tip #2 De-personalise space. When viewing properties, buyers like to envision themselves as living there. Removing personal items such as photos, toys, awards & toiletries from counters, makes the area more appealing. To fill those blank areas afterwards, you can always add touches of decoration such as candles or fresh flowers.
  • Tip #3 Clean, clean, clean. It may seem like an obvious tip, but having a sparkling home that looks new, shows that you’ve taken good care of the property. Take time cleaning the areas which don’t always get the everyday run over, such as behind toilets and skirting boards. You want to ensure the property looks as well-kept as possible when it comes to selling.
  • Tip #4 Keep it fresh. This goes for both the decor and the feeling a potential buyer should have when entering the property. Everyone’s taste in wall colouring and wallpaper differs, so the best way to sell your home fast (and for as much as possible!) is to keep the walls white or painted with warm neutral colours. Before viewings, you should aim to eliminate any odours, including things such as pets and bins. Small things make a big difference, so having a few fresh plants dotted around the property or a reed diffuser placed at the front entrance provide a warm welcome.
  • Tip #5 Focus on the exterior and entryway. These areas factor into the ‘kerb-appeal’ of the property, which means its general attractiveness and initiates those first impressions. Things to take into account are the front door, lawn, window sills and side entrances. Take action by ensuring all trees, hedges and lawn are trimmed. Wash windows and add some touches like flower boxes and a new doormat. This can go a long way. Finally, give side paths and driveways a sweep and power-wash to leave them looking fresh and inviting.

Remember, staging your property doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It’s all about emphasising your home’s best features and appealing to the broadest range of buyers possible. The more buyers your home attracts, the more offers are likely to be received, which will result in a higher selling price!

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