12 Week Digital Marketing Internship with McSherry Halliday

Graduating last year with an Honours degree in Media and Communication amidst a global pandemic was challenging, to say the least! The job opportunities and any possible chance of gaining graduate experience were few and far between. Like many, I began looking for alternative ways to develop my skills and knowledge by completing online courses, volunteering, and building my social platforms.

During this time, I found an interest in digital marketing, completing “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course. Marketing wasn’t a fixed module within my degree; however, it involves many aspects such as social media, advertising, and excellent written and verbal communication skills. So, as you can imagine, when I saw the opportunity to join McSherry Halliday as a digital marketing intern for a 12-week project, I made sure to give the application process my best shot. After an initial social media task and successful interview, I was elated when I was offered the internship and I began working with the firm at the start of May.

McSherry Halliday is a well-established solicitor, estate agency, and financial services firm based in Ayrshire, but they serve clients right across Scotland. They deal with various matters, including selling and purchasing property (conveyancing), commercial transactions, family law cases, wills, powers of attorney, and financial advice, to name but a few. Working closely with Louisa, the firm’s Associate Solicitor, I have been able to put my skills into practice and I have gained a wealth of knowledge about law and property – two areas I’m also keen to learn more about. So far, I have been able to carry out tasks that contribute towards establishing a solid online presence – which is essential for any business looking to develop in our digital world.

Since commencing the internship, I have created and set out a marketing strategy, working with Louisa on determining the company’s brand kit, sourcing photographers and videographers, and created and scheduled social media content. Starting from scratch grants so many exciting opportunities, and over the next few months, we have a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline, including our next project, a first-time buyers’ event (details coming soon).

The internship isn’t only giving me the chance to hone in on and develop my skills and experience but it also presents a new way of working. I’m working wholly remotely, and with more people now looking to be working from home permanently, it’s given me the chance to gain an insight into how my working days may pan out in the future. Regardless of working from home, I have been welcomed with open arms, and Louisa has taken me under her wing. The two of us have formed a great working relationship already.

I’m excited to see what the next few weeks have in store for me at McSherry Halliday, and to all my fellow graduates who are still seeking the first breakthrough in their industries, it will come, and someone will recognise all of your potential, you’ve got this!