Kirsty Holland - My First 6 Weeks Working Remotely at McSherry Halliday

Starting a new job at any time can be a nerve wracking experience but to do it in the midst of a pandemic was going to be a challenge. First of all, the interview took place over video call with a chat via telephone beforehand. Caroline and Louisa put me at ease, the conversation flowed and thankfully there was no lag or interruption in the internet service. The job would involve working remotely from home and I was provided with all the equipment I would need.

My first day as a Family Law Paralegal started with a video call with Louisa and Natalie to go over the systems used, a check that I had all the appropriate log in details and a quick guide to the team make up. Natalie was a huge help and had made some really helpful guides for me. The first week went in quickly and I introduced myself to a few members of staff over the phone throughout the week. The following week there was a tea break chat over video call with the family law team and this was a lovely introduction to everyone.

I am currently studying for the professional exams set by The Law Society of Scotland. As part of the process I require to complete a log book of work that I have been a part of and I already have several entries I can make in the log book. The variety of work I am given is interesting and a good mix between family law, transfer of titles and guardianship order applications. I am kept busy and the days go in very quickly.

I have now been working remotely for McSherry Halliday for 6 weeks and it has been great. I enjoy working from home, and I feel I have managed to achieve a good balance in work/life balance. The novelty of closing my work laptop at 5pm and instantly being at home has not worn off and I don’t believe it will. There may be a possibility of hybrid working in the future, and it will be nice to not have the long commute I have been used to in the past. I am finally working for a local firm in my home town after working for many years in Paisley.

There are still people in the firm who I haven’t meet as yet, but those that I have, have been very welcoming and accommodating to me. I had been uncertain of how it was possible to start a new job with remote working but I needn’t have worried. I have felt very welcome in the firm and I look forward to what my future may hold with McSherry Halliday.

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